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The Wall - NBC.com.
Father-Son Doctors Feel the Wall's' Wrath - The Wall. Mother-Daughter Nurses Win a $200K Boost - The Wall. Siblings Dedicated to Serving Their Community Don't' Get a Happy Ending - The Wall. Some Wins Are Harder to Swallow - The Wall.
Wall - definition of wall by The Free Dictionary.
outside Mauer f; inside, of mountain Wand f; the Great Wall of China die Chinesische Mauer; the north wall of the Eiger die Eigernordwand; a wall of fire eine Feuerwand; a wall of policemen/troops eine Mauer von Polizisten Soldaten; wall s have ears die Wände haben Ohren; to come up against a wall of silence auf eine Mauer des Schweigens stoßen; to go up the wall inf die Wände rauf - or hochgehen inf; Im climbing the wall s inf ich könnte die Wände hochgehen inf; he/his questions drive me up the wall inf er/seine Fragerei bringt mich auf die Palme inf; this constant noise is driving me up the wall inf bei diesem ständigen Lärm könnte ich die Wände rauf - or hochgehen inf; to go to the wall inf: firm etc kaputtgehen inf?
Falling Walls International Science Platform.
Breaking the Wall to the New Human Brain Atlas Katrin Amunts. Breaking the Wall to the New Human Brain Atlas. Julich-Brain is the first 3D-atlas of the human brain that reflects the variability of the brains structure on the micro-level.
Wall Definition Meaning - Merriam-Webster.
5: a material layer enclosing space the wall of a container heart walls. 6: something resembling a wall as in appearance, function, or effect especially: something that acts as a barrier or defense a wall of reserve tariff wall. off the wall.
wall - Wiktionary.
Perhaps conflated with waw a wall within a house or dwelling, a room partition, from Middle English wawe, from Old English wāg, wāh an interior wall, divider, see waw. Cognate with North Frisian wal wall, Saterland Frisian Waal wall, rampart, mound, Dutch wal wall, rampart, embankment, German Wall rampart, mound, embankment, Swedish vall mound, wall, bank.
Art Gallery and Framing Wall Space Gallery Ottawa Art Gallery Custom Framing.
Founded in 2004, WALL SPACE GALLERY opened its second location and project-driven space in the Westboro Village neighborhood of Ottawa in 2008. Committed to thought-provoking and engaging exhibitions, the gallery represents both emerging and established Canadian artists working in traditional and new media.
The Wall - Wikipedia.
Nathan Southern 2012, Rock" Milestones: Pink Floyd - The Wall" Movies TV Dept, The New York Times, archived from the original on 4 November 2012, retrieved 30 May 2010; Pink Floyd's' Roger Waters Announces The Wall Tour, MTV, archived from the original on 25 April 2010, retrieved 30 May 2010; Top 14 Greatest Rock Operas/Concept Albums of All Time, ign.com, archived from the original on 9 March 2011, retrieved 30 May 2010.
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HDF decorative wall panels, manufactured in many styles to imitate brick, concrete, wood, and stone finishes, add a touch of class to living spaces. Traditional wood panels are attractive and suitable for use on walls or ceilings while waterproof brick veneers and PVC panels enhance interior and exterior walls. Wall Panels - 263.

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